Basic Course

This course covers 10 saree draping style. The session is divided into 2 days for 3 hrs each. Following are the basic courses covered in the session

  1. Basic Drape
  2. Gujarati Style
  3. Bengali Style
  4. Coorgi Style
  5. Bollywood Style
  6. Ghagra Style
  7. Coaty Style
  8. Modern Pallu Style
  9. Mumtaz Style
  10. Wearing a Saree using 2 Dupattas

Advanced Saree Draping Course

In advance style apart from the above menioned 10 styles of saree draping we cover following more styles

  1. Gown Style
  2. Halter Neck Style
  3. Hip Hop Style
  4. Nauvari Style
  5. Mermaid Style